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What is the RHI Scheme?

By RHI Scheme

On 10 March 2011, the Government announced the details of the Renewable Heat Incentive policy to revolutionise the way heat is generated and used. This is the first financial support scheme for renewable heat of its kind in the world.

At a time when we can see many problems with relying on a rapidly changing world and continuous reliance on oil and gas, we are proposing to put in place a key foundation stone of our energy future where both carbon reduction and energy security are assured.

Financial Support

The Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI) policy document, sets out the detailed arrangements for this scheme, which will provide long-term financial support to renewable heat installations to encourage the uptake of renewable heat.

RHI scheme payments on renewable heat are based on heat metering however there are strict guidelines on the type of metering equipment utilised with the minimum approval requirement of MID class 2 (MI-004); the RAY Heat Meter & SHARKY Heat Meter comply.

Norstrom Metering supply a range of RHI Meters all fully electronic compact heat meters which are compliant for the RHI scheme. The RHI Heat Meters are supplied complete with flowmeter, heat calculator, temperature sensors & pockets, BSP male couplings (if applicable) & INDIVIDUAL test certificates.

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The Chemical Flow Meter

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Norstrom Metering supply a complete range of chemical flow meter solutions that cover a range of applications from commercial, irrigation and domestic applications.

Our chemical flow meter range are split into 3 main categories

Norstrom Metering have agreements with a variety of equipment manufacturers including ISOIL and Tuthill FPP both companies products are known to be super reliable and suitable for UK Markets.

No matter what your chemical flow meter requirements are, our team of metering professionals are on hand to help select the right product for you.

Norstrom Metering (a part of the Norstrom Group) are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metering solutions.  Established in 1982 Norstrom Group now provides market leading products and services in sectors including domestic water treatment, industrial water meters, semi-automatic plant control systems, industrial weigh scale systems, and a country wide repair and calibration service.

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Heat Meters – we have everything you need

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Heat meters have been a significant part of the Nortstrom Metering product range for many years.  Utilising our vast industry knowledge of the heat meters market we have a range of heat meters to suit an array of applications.

Heat Meters – Approved and certified

The heat meters we supply are designed for heating applications in the industrial/commercial and domestic sectors of the UK market.  With approval to EN 1434 and MID class 2; you are assured of conformance to installation, operating monitoring and maintenance, in addition these approvals also make our heat meters range suitable to be used in the RHI scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme).

Our heat meters range includes:

  • Ray Mechanical Energy Meter
  • SCYLAR INT 8 Energy Calculator
  • SHARKY FS 473 Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
  • SHARKY Ultrasonic 775 Energy Meter
  • SITRANS FUE380 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

No matter what your heat meter application, Norstrom Meters are sure to have a meter to meet and exceed your needs.  With many years experience, fantastic customer service and an array of global metering manufacturers that we work with, we’re a one stop service for meters for all applications large and small.

Gas Meters

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Norstrom Metering supply gas meters to a wide array of UK markets.

Norstrom Metering stock a comprehensive range of gas meters covering applications from industrial, commercial and of course domestic gas meters. Our extensive range of includes approvals to EN1359 & DVGW.

Our gas meters vary from Diaphragm gas meters to turbine and mass flow gas meters, all supplied with local volume registers and can be fitted with pulse output in our workshop for immediate despatch to any destination.

Norstrom Metering has a great reputation for expert knowledge, great customer service and superb value for money across all gas meter solutions. Established since 1982 the Norstrom Group is a UK leader in the gas meter and metering solutions market place, chosen by house builders, industrial companies and commercial builders alike.

Looking for a gas meter – talk to Norstrom Metering we’re happy to help

Take a look at our extensive range of gas metering solutions, call our experienced and friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.