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Flowstream Mass Flowmeter

Available Sizes

¼″ / 3/8″ / ½″ / ¾″

Flowstream Mass Flowmeters for gas use Laminare Flow Element technology. This is a subset of differential pressure flow meters. The Flowstream Mass Flowmeter gives a fast enough response to be useful in automation.

The common applications include shielding gas for arc welding, air flow for robotic painting, methane flow to fuel cells and plasma coating.

Product Description

Multi-gas units are available where the gas to be measured can be selected at the meter. Bi-directionality is now an option for those applications where you want to look at flow in and out of something.EMI immunity is important when you are arc welding in close proximity. NEMA 4 (weather proof) construction makes for long life and an intrinsically safe version is available for hazardous locations.

Programmable set points, 2 wire 4-20 mA output and other current or frequency outputs are available for linking to remote monitoring equipment. Battery operated units are available when a visual digital readout is all that is required.

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